Data Processing

We offer a range of data processing solutions, from simple creation of a prospect mailing file comprising of multiple data sources for a one-off campaign, to more complex private prospect pool creation, hosting and administration. We process both business and consumer data, UK and International.

The key to successful data processing is ensuring that the marketing objectives are aligned with the technical solution that is applied.

Mailing file creation

Our data engineers create common format mailing files, often from multiple data sources, applying URN’S and Unique Source Codes (USC’s) for tracking and analytical purposes. Utilising our suite of advanced matching tools and routines, incoming data sources are merged and deduplicated based on a pre-determined hierarchy, customer data is suppressed, and the mailing file is prepared and supplied in accordance with our clients’ requirements.

Private prospect pool creation

For our clients that mail high volumes on a frequent basis, we have built many private prospect databases. These databases include multiple data sources that are often derived from a multitude of specialist contact based sources combined with our core databases to ensure universal coverage of our clients’ target audience is achieved.

In addition, the database can be modelled and scored for selection and segmentation purposes, and are constantly refreshed and supplemented with fresh and relevant sources keeping the base fluid to optimise results.

For consumer databases we include a range of lifestyle, purchasing, and specialist demographic data underpinned by data that covers all UK households.

For business databases we include a range of specialist databases that cover specific job titles/functions and across specific market sectors to ensure that we have maximum contact coverage then underpinned with our UK Universe of companies containing all of the business attributes that will validate and qualify the specialist records for granular selection and segmentation.

We administer the whole process with our clients and suppliers to not only ensure the smooth and efficient running and administration, but also to ensure optimum performance is being achieved to adapt to our clients’ changing business requirements.

Matchback analysis

Any campaign is only as good as the results it achieves, and getting a detailed insight into campaign performance is a critical component for understanding and adapting future strategy. As part of our data processing service we provide detailed post-campaign analysis reporting, and work with our clients to interpret the results enabling their marketing plans and strategies to be adapted to optimise future performance.

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