Utilising Intermedia Global analysis tools and techniques will improve your sales performance and reduce costs. 

Having an accurate and measurable appreciation of your customer’s behavior within the markets that you operate, is crucial for your business, thus enabling you to make the right decisions based on accurate marketing facts and not based on gut feel or loose assumptions.

We are passionate in offering useable information that will affect your business positively, rather than having “nice to have” reports that will stay in your desk drawer.

Our analytical solutions cover B2B and B2C marketing and for UK, Europe USA, Asia Pacific and all other countries .

Solutions include:-

  • Granular profiling
  • Market penetration and insight
  • Campaign match back ROI campaign reporting
  • Propensity and predictive modeling
  • Transactional (rfm) and channel analysis
  • Sales territory, store /trade centre radius analysis
  • Franchise area planning and a range of mapping solutions

For companies that operate Internationally, we offer parent subsidiary and group linkage analysis across all countries.

We don’t just do the work and send you a bundle of reports, we offer thorough interpretation of all analysis and how to adapt the information to improve your business performance.

Most of our customers require unique solutions rather than off the shelf analysis. We welcome the opportunity to show you how our analysis tools can help fuel your business growth.

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