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The B2B Mail Order Buyers Master file

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This comprehensive and selectable marketing database is now available for direct marketers wishing to reach a large volume of responsive mail order buyers with purchasing authority for industrial and office supplies.

The Brady Corporation Master file is comprised of buyers from various different brands to form this huge database of people responsible for general purchasing of industrial goods, health & safety products and office equipment.

This truly unique, fully de-duplicated database offers renters the opportunity to reach responsive mail order buyers with the added ability to comprehensively select by SIC & Size.

Products purchased include industrial supplies, health and safety products, office supplies and general workplace equipment. All customers have been recruited through direct mail, as well as via the web.

The ability to select by SIC and Size not only allows companies to accurately target prospective new customers at a site level, but with the added bonus of reaching the person within the organisation with known buying authority and that they are mail order responsive, thus giving a much greater propensity to purchase other related products and services.