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NBB – No Butts Bins

UK buyers of health and safety products

7,565 mail order buyers (0-6 month recency)
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No Butts Bins specialise in manufacturing and selling an extensive range of products, including all types of shelters such as smoking shelters, cycle shelters and racks as well as cigarette bins and smoking signs aimed at achieving a cleaner working environment for smokers and non-smokers alike.

All buyers are responsible for the facilities of their organisation. They have the authority to purchase all health & safety products and are particularly responsive to mail order offers. Contacts on the database are managers and directors within a range of organisations across private and public sectors.

These hard to find key decision makers, within medium to large companies, usually health & safety officers, facilities and HR personnel are responsible for the well being of their staff, and ensuring their company complies with up-to-date health & safety legislation as well as the up-keep of buildings, facilities and grounds.

This list is particularly well suited to any B2B offer including relevant publishers, non-competitive catalogues, promotional gift companies and many more.